Waxing a Boat Guide for Beginners

Waxing a boat is a process every boat owner needs to do to maintain their boat. However, many people often neglect it whether due to plain ignorance, or simply don’t know how to do it. Your boat looks shiny and clean because it has gelcoat protecting the fiberglass construction.

Waxing is necessary to maintain the quality of the gelcoat and prevent it from discoloring. If someday you find cracks on the gelcoat and want to fix it but it already discolors, you will find it hard to find the same color to cover the cracks.

Actually, waxing can be a little bit difficult to do. If you are not careful, you might end up scratching the surface of the gelcoat. But as long as you follow these steps right, your boat will be squeaky clean and also protected from discoloration.

Waxing a Boat Guide for Beginners

Waxing a Boat Guide for Beginners

Clean the Boat First

The first step you need to do is to clean the boat from dirt and grimes that can prevent the waxing product from working. Even if it has been long since the last time you use the boat and it just comfortably parked on the dock, you still need to clean it because dirt can be found everywhere. This step is also important to get rid of the old wax from the surface.

To clean the boat, you need to bring your boat to the land. Make sure it stands steady so it is better to find a flat area to wash the boat. Now, spray the boat thoroughly with water from up to down. It is important to get rid of the dirt and debris.

After that, apply non-abrasive cleaning solution to the whole part of the boat. And then rinse until clean.

Choose the Right Waxing Product

Now that the boat is clean, it is time to choose the waxing product. If your boat is not really dirty and you only want to make it a little bit shinier, a polish waxing product is the best choice.

However, if the boat has started to discolor and it is very pitted, you need something more abrasive and stronger like buffing compound. Make sure you choose right so the result of the process will be perfect.

Power Buff if Needed

Now, the real deal is ready to start. Apply the wax evenly starting from the transom to the bow in circular motion. But remember, you should do the waxing one small part at a time. If the wax gets too hard because you leave it too long, cleaning it will be very difficult.

After applying the wax, there are two types of methods you can choose to clean it. If you have strong hands, you can use a simple cloth to rub the waxed area until it looks glassy. But if you want to work faster, you can use a tool called power buffer.

Power buffing definitely more convenient but the tool is expensive. So, if you don’t want to spend additional cost, waxing a boat with clean cloth definitely will  suffice.

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