Nitro Boat Reviews, the Strong yet Affordable Z6

Reading plenty of Nitro Boat reviews can help you make the best decision when it comes to buying a bass boat. If you are a professional bass fisher that spends whole day on the sea, you might want to get a boat with the best specification.

But if you are a hobbyist that occasionally goes bass fishing, a small and affordable will be enough. And if you are looking for a small yet tough bass boat, Nitro Z6 is certainly the answer. If you are interested to purchase this boat, here are some of its pros and cons that you need to know.

Nitro Boat Reviews, the Strong yet Affordable Z6

Nitro Boat Reviews  – Best Features

With 17.4” of length, Nitro Z6 is a nice and compact bass boat. It is significantly smaller compared to more professional boats, but it is still relatively larger compared to other product in the class.

Even though the size is not that big, it comes with unique front desk shape and the beam is also pretty wide. As a result, you will have more casting space and standing will be much more stable. Moreover, despite of its compact size, the boat is big enough to board three people.

Nitro Boat Reviews, the Strong yet Affordable Z6

This boat is powered with a Mercury Optimax 115 engine with a maximum of 115 HP and 53 mph. it can be optioned with a more potent Mercury Optimax XS 115. Even though the number of ponies is the same with the first one, it is faster by 2 or 3 mph.

Furthermore, it also comes with not only one but two 500-gph pumps. One will be in charge of filling and aeration while the other one for recirculation and evacuation.


Nitro Z6 is a good boat but it is not perfect. It has some negative points that make this product less desirable compared to other more professional bass boats. Firstly, Z6 doesn’t have automatic bilge pump switch which means you need to keep attention to its condition all the time to ensure an enjoyable boat ride.

Furthermore, the rear plug in this boat is made of plastic. Even though it makes the boat cheaper, still, stainless steel is the better option.

Nitro Boat Reviews, the Strong yet Affordable Z6

Sometimes, you need to go into the water during your bass fishing adventure. It means, the boat needs to have an easy to access ladder so you can go inside the boat again more conveniently.

Unfortunately, this boat only has 1-step re-boarding ladder which makes stepping up the boat a little bit more difficult. In terms of storage, Z6 has plenty for its size. but still, additional rod locker and rod holders will definitely not hurt.

Nitro Boat Reviews  – Conclusion

Even though Nitro Z6 indeed has some drawbacks, those minus points will not affect your boating experience too much. Even though this boat is certainly lacking of space, but it will be more than enough for a hobbyist or recreational purposes.

Besides, for such a small boat, the construction is sturdy and tough. After reading some Nitro Boat reviews, you definitely will agree that Z6 is worth to buy if you want something affordable and basic specification is suffice for you.


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