Sea-Doo Spark Review: Watercraft for Challenging Adrenaline

If you are fond of the sea or water sport, you may not be strange with the Sea-Doo Spark. Here, we are going to present the Sea-Doo Spark review that becomes so famous recently. As known, Sea Doo is a very popular company manufacturing the high-quality water sports equipment. More than 25 years, this company, Watercraft Sea-Doo operated, always innovates their products, especially the Sea-Doo water sport.

However, how is about the newest technology of this Sea-Doo Spark? As known, many people love playing the watersport using the Spark Sea Doo. Maneuvering and riding with Sea-Doo Spark review top speed will challenge the adrenaline. The new Sea-Doo Spark can help you to ride lonely or with passengers. Of course, it has different details from the two.

Sea-Doo Spark Review: Watercraft for Challenging Adrenaline

How Does the New Sea-Doo Spark Look Like?

Well now, let us start from how this Sea-Doo outlook. Bottom lines of this new Sea-Doo look shinier with the gel coated fiberglass. It can be seen on the deck and hull made from the plastic. Actually, that is mixed perfectly with the polypropylene along with the glass fibers. It does not stop there; this dubbed polytech dominates the material because of the affordable price.

In addition, the material can also raise the lighter look better than the fiberglass. When looking at the finishing, you can see the trendy appearance with the bolder color choice. The new Sparks will come with the color mixes of yellow pineapple and black, orange bubble gum magenta and the vanilla. Those are as good as combined with the Licorice. However, some modifications of the color choices are available to use.

Features of Sea-Doo Spark Review 2017

Based on the Sea-Doo Spark review 2017, riding this watercraft must be full of safety equipment and features. Here, the key features of the Sea-Doo Spark are likely the system of D-Sea-Bel. Control of Intelligent Throttle (iTC) is also added in the system. Dealing with the handlebar, this Sea-Doo Spark will be greater with the Palm rest. You can also get the other key features such as the knee pad, wet grip footboard, handle of rear grab, and the tow hook.

Related to the handling of this Spark, it uses likely the Carve on rail design. It has been common in this recent market of Sea-Doo. With the key features on the Spark, you can use this to get freestyle moves orientation. Of course, it adds the amazing experience with this watercraft.

New Technology and Specifications

To support this new Sea-Doo Spark, some new technology and specifications are added. The completed technology and specifications will be specified in this article. Overall, the length of this Sea-Doo is 110”, beam 46”, and the dry weight is 405 lbs. It can accommodate the weight up to 350 lbs. or 159kg. The fuel capacity of this Sea-Doo is around 7.9 gal or 30 liters.

The power of this Sea-Doo Spark is very strong. It will use the STD power in 1×899 cc Rota x 900 (ACE). The optional power will use HO ACE in 1x899cc Rotax900. This Sea Doo is a kind of entry level water sports craft that provides the maximum fun and challenge for entire levels of the skills. With the power engine and technology added, you can pull the gas and ride it faster on the water.

What Makes Sea-Doo Spark Interesting

Overall, this new Spark is designed in more compact and lighter size compared to the previous one. Of course, it will be easier to tow, especially behind the most vehicles on the sports water. Additionally, the lighter size makes this Spar easily and realistically to lift into some higher place, such as the pickup truck.

When looking at the deck design, there is something different with others. It is noticed that the deck looks like as the exoskeleton with a gaping hole. It will hide the rigidity and support the design behind with such stylish exterior appearance. Even it is designed in minimalist style, it looks trendy.

Additionally, the Spark from Sea-Doo also uses the Intelligent Brake & Reverse as an option. Of course, it will offer the stipping power likely the easy maneuverability when around the launch ramp or docks. Of course, those can satisfy you by maneuvering on the sea to challenge your adrenaline. Of course, looking at the features, this Sea-Doo spar is easier to ride and operate. Therefore, it is suitable for the beginner and advanced.

What Should You Pay Attention

Some low points of this Sea-Doo Spark are likely the presence of some plastic may look cheaper and flimsier. When you compare it with the other counterparts in higher materials, it will fee cheaper. The stowage is likely not real for the minimal glovebox. The colors use may fade easily to be pastel because of the harsh from the sun.

However, based on the reviews above, it is clear that this Sea-Doo Spark is much recommended to get as the attractive watercraft and sport. You can use this Sea-Doo Spark for your lovely holiday. Additionally, many people will also love riding this challenging water sport when you are renting it on the sea. However, this may not be a problem because it has been completed with all features and advantages.

How Much Should You Spend To Buy?

To own this Sea-Doo Spark, you may not need to worry the price. It includes in the more affordable price. The price of this new Sea-Doo Spark will start from around $4,999. The higher price may be around $6,499 for multiple passengers, $8,199 from three seaters, and the others. Of course, the price will be various depending on the specification of the engine option, technology, and key features.

Well, it will be more challenging to have fun on the seaside by riding the Sea-Doo spark. It will complete the holiday on the beach. Of course, the presence of this new technology makes the watersport multiple interesting. Additionally, the affordable price makes it easy to buy. Those are the Sea-Doo Spark review to help you decide you willing. Now, just prepare yourself to enjoy this challenging Sea-Doo in affordable cost.

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